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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why this man could make history

For those who don't live in Florida, this affable-looking man pictured above is Joe Garcia, a Cuban- American businessman and the Democrats' candidate for Congress in South Florida, who is pitted against the Republican David Rivera in the upcoming election. It's the second time they have faced each other in South Florida and the Wall Street Journal reports that the fight this time will be really nasty. But although Joe lost last time he has a very good chance of winning this November.
This year, Democrats consider Rivera especially vulnerable. His tenure in Congress has been overshadowed by state and federal investigations into his campaign finances. Florida prosecutors closed their case in April without bringing charges, but a federal investigation is continuing.
If Garcia wins, he will make history becasue he will be the first Cuba-American Congressman ever elected who favours engagement with the island. Read this article he wrote in 2009 and you will see why, despite Joe's stated distaste for the government in Havana, folks who favour an end to the insanity of the US policy towards Cuba are raising money for him. Basically, if Joe wins in South Florida and Obama wins again, the embargo could well be history. Donate to his campaign HERE.

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