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Monday, 19 May 2014

A Greek bearing gifts... look who's supporting a change in US policy

Reuters reports today:

"The White House should expand licensed travel for all Americans to Cuba and increase support for civil society on the communist-ruled island, according to an open letter to President Barack Obama that was signed by an unprecedented group of 44 former top U.S. government officials and advocates of policy reform and released on Monday.
"The letter, which lists a series of policy recommendations, was signed by John Negroponte, the former Director of National Intelligence under president George W Bush...."

This is most interesting. For those who don't know him, the British born John Dimitri Negroponte (of Greek descent) was a cold warrior extraordinaire  (see: JOHN NEGROPONTE & THE DEATH-SQUAD CONNECTION) who has been accused, among other nefarious acts, of being a terrorist for the CIA. An avowed anti-communist, Negroponte is on record (see video below) as saying he thinks democracy in Latin America is a threat to US interests.  He would hitherto have been the last person you'd expect to want to see a change in US policy towards Cuba.


It will be interesting to see the Cubans' reaction, Raúl Castro was schooled in the classics and knows full well the adage about Greeks bearing gifts...

A full text of the open letter to Obama is available at this website.

Even more interesting is the fact that among the signatories are no fewer than 15 extremely rich Cuban-American businessmen and community leaders. With these people calling for change in Cuba policy there is really nothing stopping Obama now.

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