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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Should Cuba be on the US terror list?

One of the key policy changes announced by President Obama on 17 November was the instruction to Secretary of State John Kerry to report within six months on whether Cuba should be listed among the states that support terrorism.
The designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism has been a contentious issue from the start. The fact that Cuba has been a victim of terrorism itself and ironically from the United States, has meant that this has been a source of deep resentment in Havana. However, the hurt is more than moral. Economically too, the inclusion of Cuba on  the so-called ‘terror list’ has meant that foreign banks have been severely fined in the US for dealing with the island to the extent that they have pulled out of dealing with Cuba altogether. This has added enormously to the financial burden placed on the Cuban economy.
Thus, removing Cuba from the list would not only heal an emotional wound it would help Cuba’s economy to grow. So should Cuba be on the list? The evidence suggests that it should clearly not.

Here from USAToday is a very good explanation as to why.

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