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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All the news that's fit....

Don't you just love the Western media? For days it has been reporting how the family of the Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya claim that he was killed when another car forced his off the road, thus implying that the Cuban authorities were somehow responsible. Now today they have been forced to backtrack on that one completely because the two survivors of the crash have confirmed that there was no other car and the driver himself has admitted he lost control of it on a bad stretch of road.
Not only that, Swedish politician Jens Aron Modig (pictured) who was in the car with Paya when it crashed has admitted to taking some 4,000 euros ($4,900; £3,100) for Oswaldo Paya and other dissidents, which is illegal in Cuba.
The Leveson inquiry into Press standards in the UK that has just wrapped up, ought to have heard from the Cuban government about how it is so consistently and constantly undermined by biased, hostile and downright malicious reporting.

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