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Sunday, 1 July 2012

No speech like free speech.... Especially when it's paid for

 Cuba based African-American columnist Circles Robinson, reporting in the Havana Times has this to say about the latest tranche of cash-for-treachery payments to would be Cuban 'independent' journalists:

"The political wing of United States foreign policy is offering up to $3 million dollars each for two projects to break the through the state-controlled media monopoly in Cuba. The US-AID funds are the latest in 53 years of overt and covert programs trying to topple  the Cuban government and install a new one friendly to US corporate and government interests."

Circles wonders whether the new contractors will suffer the same fate as the jailed US citizen Alan Gross.

Alan Gross is serving the third of a 15-year sentence for attempting to equip dissidents with sophisticated illegal communications equipment while working for Development Alternatives Inc. under a US-AID contract.

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