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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The weird world of Mit


I have just read the US Republican Party's platform programme for Cuba ahead of the Republican National Convention and I have to say it is weird.
The statement, released on 20 August, describes the "regime" in Cuba as “anachronistic” and “a mummified relic of the age of totalitarianism, a state-sponsor of terrorism”. It rejects “any dynastic succession of power within the Castro family” and conditions the lifting of trade, travel, and financial sanctions on “the legalization of political parties, an independent media, and free and fair internationally-supervised elections”. 
At the same time, the Republicans pledge support to what they call Cuba’s “courageous pro-democracy movement as the protagonists of Cuba’s inevitable liberation and democratic future” and calls for “a dedicated platform for the transmission of the illegal propaganda platforms Radio and TV Marti and for the promotion of Internet access and circumvention technology as tools to strengthen what they think is a "pro-democracy movement" on the island. 
The Republicans furthermore endorse the truly anachronistic and idiotic Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, saying that they "recognize the rights of Cubans fleeing Communism”.
All that rhetoric over they then make no mention whatsoever of rolling back President Obama’s easing of restrictions on Cuban-American travel and remittances.
It is clearly going to be an oxymoronic presidential race in Florida - or might that just be plain moronic?

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