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Sunday, 14 October 2012

$100,000 if you hit Fidel, $20,000 for Raúl and Che

According to London's Daily Mail, documents released this week finally confirm beyond doubt that the Kennedies hired the Mafia to shoot Fidel Castro. They agreed a price of $100,000 for killing Fidel and $20,000 for either Raúl or Che Guevara. One has to ask oneself how can it be that the President of a supposedly democratic country should be hiring criminals to carry out murders on its behalf? Has anything changed?

50 years ago this week the Cuban Missile Crisis began. On Tuesday 16th October the esteemed Cuban international relations expert Prof. Carlos Alzugaray Treto will be giving a talk on the topic at London's Institute for the Study of the Americas. Venue and details HERE. 

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