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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Storm in a Cuban coffee cup

For those who think the US embargo on Cuba has no effect should take a look at this news story from the town of Poppleton in Yorkshire, UK. The extra-territorial reach and the absurdity of the embargo are highlighted here by the fact that a family run coffee selling business has had its PayPal account frozen because it sells, from time to time, Cuban coffee beans.
As a consequence, the company has ceased to sell the coffee. The owner, Laurence Beardmoore, says: “It’s incredible that we in the UK don’t have an embargo, we’re being dictated to by an American company that’s supposed to be servicing the world.”
Quite so Sir. The UK government should act on this and demand that US companies operating in the UK comply with UK and EU law and allow Mr Beardmore, and whoever else may wish to do so, to trade with Cuba.

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