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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Leonardo Padura Fuentes: Havana’s man of mystery

Leonardo Padura

Public lecture by Dr Stephen Wilkinson, 

The International Institute for the Study of Cuba

Tuesday 26 November 2013.

Court Room, First Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1H 7HU

On the occasion of the publication of The Contemporary Spanish American Novel by Bloomsbury, I am going to deliver a lecture on the life and work of Leonardo Padura Fuentes, currently Cuba’s most internationally successful author. In the talk,  I will examine how, in the early 1990s, Padura Fuentes renovated the Cuban detective genre and then discuss his more recent historical novels. The latest of these, The Man who Loved Dogs, which centres upon the murder of Trotsky, will shortly be published in English by Bitter Lemon Press. Padura Fuentes’ fiction presents a critical insider’s representation of socialist Cuba that challenges orthodox readings of the revolution and its history in the post-Soviet era.

To reserve a place please contact Olga Jímenez at ILAS:

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