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Friday, 1 June 2012

Travel broadens the mind ... an occasional series

Welcome to the United States - but don't ever think about going home

So here is an interesting one. For readers unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Cuba-US migration issues, there is a law known as the Cuban Adjustment Act that gives the right of residency in the US to illegal migrants from Cuba. It is a bone of contention of the Cuban government as it encourages illegal departures, people smuggling, plane and boat hijackings and the like. It has long been a darling of the Miami right because it also serves to destabilise the island. However, since the Obama administration has made it easier for Cuban-Americans to return to Cuba on family visits, it has been targeted by the right wing. Rep. David Rivera, (R-Fla). wants to tighten it up so that anyone who gets a residency under the CAA will lose it IF they ever go back to visit the island! So much for US hospitality - and respect for human rights. HERE is a letter from Cuba-Americans who don't want the change to happen that pretty much sums it all.

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