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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Travel broadens the mind...

Free to protest, free to starve

Life Magazine dated May 22, 1902.

Irony is something one has to be attuned to when considering things Cuban. Take for example the so-called dissidents who were released two years ago and went to live in Spain. Now, according to this article in today's New York Times, they are protesting in Spain because life there is just too hard. Of course it is not their fault that the capitalist system is in meltdown and there are now 5 million unemployed in Spain, but presumably the 'freedoms' they now enjoy that they were denied in Cuba ought to compensate for the hardships they are suffering?

Speaking of suffering, pictured here above is a cover from Life Magazine from 1902. It depicts US marines administering what we were led to believe was a 'new' form of torture- namely waterboarding. Needless to say the incident depicted is taking place (where else?) in Cuba and the victim, of course, is a Cuban.

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