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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Truly the Greatest


Teofilo Stevenson...  turned down millions - for love
The passing of Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson from a heart attack last week gives pause for contemplation. He was the best amatuer boxer who ever lived, true; a record-breaking Olympian, true; but he was also someone who was not interested in pecuniary gain. He turned down millions when offered a professional fight with Muhammad Ali because he wanted to retain the love of his people. Read this fitting tribute from Kevin Mitchell in the Guardian   

Farewell to arms

Now here's  a man who believes in the pursuit of democracy and human rights but who obviously has a confusion about ends and means.... Anti-Castro arms cache seized

Fine example...

Here's evidence, if any were needed, that US policy towards Cuba is still aimed at punishing it, isolating it and ultimately overthrowing its government...ING Bank to pay record US fine for passing money on behalf of Cuba

Mariela Castro interview

Here's a one hour interview with sexologist and president Raúl Castro's daughter Mariela.
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