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Saturday, 17 November 2012

US spy sues US government

Demonstrators outside Cuban Interests Section
in Washington calling for Gross's release

Alan Gross, the American who has been imprisoned in Cuba for nearly three years for spying is suing his former Maryland employer and the United States government for $60 million, saying they didn’t adequately train him or disclose risks he was undertaking by doing the work he did on the island.
Alan Gross and his wife Judy sued Friday in federal court in Washington. The lawsuit alleges that the "economic development" company Gross was working for in Cuba and the U.S. government, with which the company had a contract, failed to provide Gross “with the education and training that was necessary to minimize the risk of harm to him.”
Gross, 63, was arrested in December 2009 while on his fifth trip to Cuba as part of a project to increase the availability of Internet access in the country. Gross was working on the effort as a subcontractor for Development Alternatives Inc., an economic development company based in Bethesda, Md. The Cuban authorities arrested him for illegally bringing sophisticated wi fi equipment into the country that they say was intended for use in oprgnaising an oppostion to the government. Gross was imprisoned as an enemy agent.
Last week, Alan Gross's wife said that she was disappointed in the US government for not having done enough to get her husband freed.

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