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Friday, 2 November 2012

Time for a sane approach to Cuba?

Now that the Cuban government has removed the exit visa requirement for its citizens to travel, the penny is beginning to drop as to what this means for US Cuba policy. Some, such as the editorial writers from the Los Angeles Times, fear that it is going to result in a deluge of Cubans entering the United States and produce a situation akin to the so-called 'rafters crisis' of the early nineties, while others, such as Democrat Representative Jim McGovern, argue that it represents yet another tick on Washington's wish list for Cuba and therefore merits a reciprocal act by the Administration.
Of course nothing is going to happen on US Cuba policy at all until after the election. McGovern hopes, as all sane people must, that Obama wins next week. McGovern hails from Massacussetts, home of the Kennedies - and next year is the 50th anniversary year of JFK's assassination. Shortly before he was killed, Kennedy was pursuing a back channel approach to Fidel Castro in the hope of settling their differences in his second term. Let's hope that an Obama second term will finally lay that ghost to rest...

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