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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Could Delta open the floodgates?

Speculation is rife that the Obama administration is about to relax travel restictions to Cuba further following the announcement that the US carrier Delta Airlines is close to buying a share of Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic.
Today's UK Independent newspaper reports that Virgin Atlantic is currently 49 per cent owned by Singapore Airlines. Delta, the world’s biggest carrier, is bidding for that stake. If almost half the airline becomes US-owned, Virgin has said that it will still continue with its thrice-weekly jumbo from Gatwick to Cuba.
A spokeswoman for Virgin Atlantic is quoted as saying: “We have no plans to cancel flying to Havana”.
At Delta’s Atlanta headquarters, the planned minority ownership of an airline serving Cuba is not regarded as an issue according to a spokesman. The confidence that the Virgin’s Havana connection will continue has led to the speculation that the Obama administration is preparing to ease the long-standing embargo.
Mmmmmmm.... let's see.

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