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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cuba accuses US of Gross fabrication

The BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports today that Cuba is accusing the US of lying about the health and detention conditions of Alan Gross the American jailed in Havana for smuggling in illegal internet equipment and trying to subvert the state.
The US State Department this week marked the third anniversary of Alan Gross's sentencing by calling his 15-year sentence unjustified.
It said Mr Gross had lost more than 40kg (100 lb) and called for him to be seen by a doctor of his own choosing.
The Cuban foreign ministry denied Mr Gross was getting inadequate care.
Spokeswoman Josefina Vidal said a biopsy on a mass that had appeared on his shoulder showed he did not have cancer, as his family had feared. She added that there was no need for an independent doctor's report.

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