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Monday, 21 May 2012

No speech like free speech ...4

The Washington Post weighs in

"NO ONE IS MUCH surprised when the Cuban government, which lives in mortal fear of the free flow of ideas, denies travel visas to homegrown dissidents. But when the United States bars Cuban scholars from attending a four-day academic conference in California, it lowers itself to the level of the regime in Havana and demeans American values..."

So weighs in the editoral board of the Washington Post this morning on the case of the Cuban academics who have been denied entry to the US (see posts below). Read the whole of what they have to say HERE.

Protest grows..

In response to the denial of the 11 visas for Cubans scheduled to participate in the Latin American Studies Association International Congress in San Francisco, May 23-26, 2012, the leadership of the Section for Scholarly Relations with Cuba has prepared a resolution to be sent to President Obanma protesting at the decision.  Many of the 11 have received visas one or more times in the past several years. The full text of the resolution and how to support it can be found HERE.

... and the shows go on

Meanhwhile...despite the visa denials, in the US capital and in New York, Cuban academics who were among those lucky enough to get visas are taking part in two prestigious events today. A colloquium, on the Cuban economy is taking place from 8.45am today at the Bildner Centre, CUNY. Details HERE. While at the Brookings Institute in DC, from 9.30am there is a discussion on the ways forward in US-Cuba relations. Access info on that one HERE.

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