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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Travel broadens the mind 1

What does this college Professor see that Washington does not?

Vermont College professor Saleem Ali (left) has just been to Cuba on one of those educational tours that are currently more easily arranged now that President Obama has loosened the licensing restrictions. He tells Vermont Public Service Radio about his findings and explains exactly why US policy towards Cuba does not make sense. It is well worth reading (or listening to) for its concise and exact explanation. Of course, I am sure that Professor Ali did not need to GO to Cuba to discover this, but the fact is that he was able to and to see for  himself why the place does not deserve the treatment it gets. It is highly likely that US citizens returning from a trip to Cuba will share his views - no doubt a contributory factor in what seems to be an escalating campaign to roll back the travel reforms, which has turned very nasty in Miami as yesterday's post (below) demonstrates.  

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